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A Dark Brown Dog Review
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A Dark Brown Dog Review

By: Mark R. Wilbourne

Opinion Review

My opinion on Stephen Cranes Short Story " The Dark Brown Dog" was that it was pretty funny. The little dog comes to a kid on the street. The kid held out his hand and the dog came over to him. Then he drew back his hand and smacked the dog on top of his head. That was kind of funny.  But other than that it was a good story. I liked it because I like dogs and he took the dog off the street because he didn’t have a home. That was good for the boy to do. Stephen Crane is also a good writer of other short stories to like "The Open Boat". I liked that story to even though it did have a lot of inhumanity towards man. The inhumanity toward man was when all the storms came and almost over turned the boat when they were about to jump out and swim to shore the first time they tried.


 The short story I read was " A Dark Brown Dog" By: Stephen Crane. It was about a little boy and a dark brown dog. The boy was outside just kicking his feet around in the gravel and a little dog came up. He held out his hand and the dog came over. When he came over the boy drew back his hand and hit the dog on the head. The dog fell to the ground around the boy's feet as if he had done something wrong. He really didn’t the boy hit him for no reason. Later in the story when the boy was taking the dog home he would turn and strike the dog to make him walk. As they reached the door of the house the boy just drug the dog up the step because he was too short to go from step to step. But the dog just kept holding strong. When they got to the top of the steps they sat down and the boy talked to the dog like he was another person. They got in a vicious fight and the child came out on top. Then he kept dragging the dog up the steps to the door. When they arrived at the door they went up some ore stairs to the boys room. The dog and the boy sat down in his floor and became very good friends. he parents of the kid came to the room after they heard the noises the child was making. The dad scolded the child because the dog was in the house. So they examined the dog for anything unusual. Still the father was feeled with anger. The father of the family, it appears, was in a particularly savage temper that evening, and when he perceived that it would amaze and anger everybody if such a dog were allowed to remain, he decided that it should be so. Then the child lived happy after that he nourished the dog back to health. They became very close.


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